Community Projects

Swans Trust enables those who have an idea for a community project to help fulfil their dream.

There are two ways the Trust can help.

Individual projects

Groups of people with a common interest who want to see if an idea is viable can use the Trust to judge the viability of a project before setting up their own separate organisation. The Trust usually offers projects three years of help

Examples of project supported by the Trust include:

  • Shaftesbury Contact magazine
  • Blackmore Vale Credit Union
  • Shaftesbury Food Festival
  • Community play 2000
  • Rolt Millenium Green
  • Shaftesbury Online
  • What’s on leaflets
  • Arts and Craft Festival
  • Shaftesbury Snowdrops Project

Swans Trust own Projects

The Trust manages a number of projects of benefit to the local community.


Project run by the Trust:

  • Swans Yard
  • Cygnet Arts and Crafts Studio
  • Publication – “Shaftesbury. A town of slopes and views”
  • Shaftesbury Printing
  • Shaftesbury Community Resource Centre
  • Community website –

The Trust can help kick start an individual project in a number of ways including:


1. Starting a project under the umbrella of the Trust allows the use of our Charity Number.
2. Projects can usually judge their viability within three years and, if the decision is to continue, they are encouraged to leave the umbrella of Swans Trust and set up as a separate enterprise.
3. Projects adopted by the Trust can take advantage of the Trusts Public Liability insurance.
4. The Trust Office can be used as a postal address (open form 9.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday).
5. Preferential rates for printing when using the Trust’s printing service.
6. Projects that the Trust adopts will be asked to appoint a member as a Trustee to represent the organisation at Trust meetings.
7. Other services may be available for a reasonable fee


This leaves new project organisers to

1. Decide if the project is variable over the three year period
2. Prepare annual accounts ready for the Trusts approval by May each year
3. Organise their office accommodation. Unfortunately, Swans Trust is in no position to offer desk space or storage to individual projects.

We are always looking for new projects, and new project leaders. So if you have a community project and would like to talk about it with us email your idea to